Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Bridgett Vane and I present fully-illustrated talks on the history of classical ballet and dance. I trained in ballet and dance, and have spent my career working intensively in the field of the performing arts. I am a regular tutor at Dillington House adult education centre in Somerset and for the Arts in Residence organisation which offers classical music events and breaks across the country and abroad.

One thing which sets my talks apart is that I bring my experience of
genealogical research to illustrate the geographical and historical context of
the characters and events portrayed in the narratives.

Please visit the index tabs for full details of my current talks. These can
be tailored to your requirements – from all-day sessions which are popular at
Dillington, to one-hour lectures for arts societies and to fit the curriculum
of ballet schools and other educational establishments.

And I can also produce bespoke talks on other ballet and dance subjects to
meet your needs. My fees and costs are very reasonable.

To discuss Ballet Talks please call me on 023 8076 7405 or

email: ballettalks@btinternet.com

 I will be delighted to hear from you and discuss your requirements.



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